Rubidium is a DJ and producer, based in Oakland, California. Resident/promoter at the Konstruct monthly party in San Francisco.

Dedicated to loud music in dark spaces since her first underground rave in 1998, she began her journey into DJing and production on a serpentine path.

The artist spent her childhood and young adult years a student of ballet classes, writing and the visual arts. While immersed in rave and club culture in her 20’s, she dreamt of a world where dance performance and sound creation could co-exist. After several choreography projects from 2003-2005, she experimented with a MIDI-controlled system of motion sensors that could trigger sound through performance. Unsatisfied with the technology of the time, she realized she would need to obtain a grasp of electronic music production first and foremost. As a result Rubidium was born, and thus began a new chapter of learning and self-education, alongside developing her career as a visual designer.

Rubidium’s current take on techno is heavy and dense. Her sound can vary from driving to psychedelic, experimental to atmospheric, with the occasional dip into an ambient realm. She is fond of tension, creative sound design and exploring darker themes in her sets. Rubidium has opened for notable techno artists Cio D’Or, Black Asteroid and Tommy Four Seven, and released tracks on the Anode and Subspec labels, with more on the way. She also finds a home within the From 0-1 label and collective, both as an artist and as their art director, pushing pixels and podcasts since the label began in 2008.