Techno craftsman Andrei Morant holds a focus as sharp and abductive as his sound.  A paramount figure in the Houston underground since the early 90s, the North American artist also known as Jack Mackrel quickly established himself as a professional.  Morant started DJing in 1986, and only three years after his first gig in 1990, embarked on his production career. […]

Studio Session 066:  John Massey

Studio Session 066: John Massey

Brooklyn native John Massey has been attempting to damage eardrums for almost 14 years. A child of the 80s, John transplanted to Los Angeles as a teen. There he discovered an emerging underground dance scene and was infected with an interest in electronic music. John soon founded Sound Rehab Productions, connected with influential local promoters and artists such as Omar […]

Studio Session 065:  Cyanwave

Studio Session 065: Cyanwave

Forming a sound both familiar and foreign, existing in the hours of the day where you allow your head to open, relax, and reinvent, Cyanwave creates post warehouse rhythms layered with captured audio and dub soundscapes. Imbuing the spirit that created the Northwest, home of refugees and adventurers, Cyanwave’s hypnotic journey takes the listener from the dance floor to the headphones and back around. With no […]

Studio Session 064: Garrett Dillon

Studio Session 064: Garrett Dillon

In the mid 90′s, Garrett Dillon fell in love with electronic music via acts like The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Underworld. In 1997 he attended his first warehouse rave in Detroit and immediately fell in love with the pounding kick drums and dark synths of techno. Soon after, Garrett (more commonly known as Dillon) spent time immersing himself in […]

Studio Session 063: Monya

Studio Session 063: Monya

Monya is originally from Poland and has been signed to respected techno labels with her production. She has seen a quick rise through the techno scene in such a short time and this has seen her play beside many respected techno artists. Through hard work and determination this has earned her bookings at the Internationally renowned Tresor and many other […]

Studio Session 062: Sci Fi Sol

Studio Session 062: Sci Fi Sol

Sci Fi Sol (Christina Broussard) got her start as an EDM artist over a decade ago in the New Orleans area as a drum and bass producer and vocalist and has since expanded her sound to encompass multiple genres, including IDM, ambient, and techno, with a dark industrial edge. After moving to Portland by way of New York City, she […]

Studio Session Vol 061:  Josef Gaard

Studio Session Vol 061: Josef Gaard

Josef Gaard is a relative newcomer to the techno scene, releasing his first EP on the Berlin-based label This Ain’t Music in December of 2012. Since then he has worked with multiple labels, releasing both a remix and another EP on Stephan Panev’s new Komponenti label. His music has been charted by the likes of Cio D’or and his track […]

Studio Session 060:  Deepak Sharma

Studio Session 060: Deepak Sharma

The brainchild and mastermind behind Hidden Recordings; first began the label as a means to take the duo’s music to the public.  Seven years later, through a steady stream of consistent releases, Hidden continues its ascent into one of techno’s most respected and forward thinking labels. As a producer, Deepak’s wide range with Dieter is on display, exemplified by their […]

Studio Session 059:  John Templeton

Studio Session 059: John Templeton

John Templeton is found in many corners of Colorado techno making appearances as s a DJ, promoter, and front man for Emote Music. He teamed up with friends to put together the venue in Denver called the Would Shop. It provided late-night debauchery for touring DJs, while serving as an indoor skateboard park by day for young degenerates. He is […]

Studio Session 058:  Chris Rusu

Studio Session 058: Chris Rusu

Calling him a diamond in the rough would be an understatement. Chris Rusu, is on the verge of becoming one of the household names for any DJ with a sense for great hidden act worth supporting; Chris is just that. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin and with plenty of producing experience under his belt, he is determined to blow up in […]