Studio Session 079: Lorentz

Studio Session 079: Lorentz

Lorentz was born in Rome in the nineties and has always been fascinated by the art of DJ-ing. He took his first steps into music production exercising the art of sampling. His passion led him to study new technologies, eventually leading to the use of modern hardware and software, while applying a good knowledge of recording techniques. Meanwhile he continues […]

Studio Session 078: Rubidium

Studio Session 078: Rubidium

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Rubidium is Rachel Bisagni, a newcomer DJ and producer, based in Oakland, California. Inspired by over 20 years of classical dance training, plus 15 years on crowded dance floors, she strives to bring a signature sense of movement to her sets. She has opened for notable techno artists Cio D’Or and Black Asteroid, and also released her first track on […]

Studio Session Vol 077:  Plural

Studio Session Vol 077: Plural

James Johnson (AKA Plural, Divine) is a electronic music producer, composer and DJ. His performance history started in 1995, and has played all over the world. His calm demeanor belies the massive amounts of energy he creates in his highly technical DJ sets, and the ethereal beauty of his live performances. His releases on over a dozen labels have garnered […]

Studio Session Vol 076:  Sone

Studio Session Vol 076: Sone

Sone is Seattle based DJ and Producer Brian Sonnleitner. His first exploits into music was being immersed in the underground punk scene growing up in Wisconsin during the 90′s. Then late one August evening, after witnessing Chris Liberator melt his mind, Brian shifted gears into pursuing his passion for techno full time. Sone is now a DJ of over a […]

Studio Session Vol 075:  Jerry Abstract

Studio Session Vol 075: Jerry Abstract

Jerry Abstract completely encompasses electronic music in his lifestyle as a DJ, Producer, Remixer, Designer, Promoter and Friend to the community. Currently he is the Art Director for Seattle’s Decibel Festival. He also consults promoters around America, judges laptop battles, hosts his own events and was tagged as a “Next 100″ artist by URB Magazine in 2007 and 2008 for […]

Studio Session Vol 074:  Milkplant

Studio Session Vol 074: Milkplant

Milkplant is Justin Pennell, He is the From 0-1 label founder and co-owner with longtime friend, Sone. Originally from the city of Milwaukee in the Midwest, he moved to Seattle in 2004 and in 2010 relocated to Oakland, California where he currently resides. Nearly 25 years of combined DJ and production experience has allowed him to witnessed many trends in […]

Studio Session Vol 073:  Bryan Zentz

Studio Session Vol 073: Bryan Zentz

Bryan Zentz is a music fanatic, producer, DJ, and artist living in the Pacific Northwest of the US. He has been making electronic music for over two decades, drawing from a wide array of influences. Bad Brains, Skinny Puppy, Basic Channel, Amebix, Robert Hood, Plastikman, Jeff Mills, Cajmere, Human League, Mantronix, Cabaret Voltaire, Inner City, Marley Marl, Kraftwerk and Mad […]

Studio Session Vol 072: Mike Gervais

Studio Session Vol 072: Mike Gervais

Mike Gervais hails from the old guard of Minneapolis. With an ear for technical proficiency and a musical rhythm that spans wide and deep, Gervais has been pushing his sound through production, performance, and promoting for the past 15+ years. In the 90’s Gervais started like most of his generation stumbling onto a small underground techno scene. Fast forward through […]

Studio Session Vol 071:  Revy

Studio Session Vol 071: Revy

Revy’s sonic focus is driven by hypnotic polyrhythm, unconventional sound palettes, and a relentless pulse. Spontaneity, instinct, and impulsive live experimentalism are key elements realized to formulate his compositions and dj sets, which are often described as unique, weird, alien, and intensely psychedelic. He is also known for founding the netlabel Bleepsequence, which is becoming notorious for its growing library […]

Studio Session Vol 070:  Joachim Spieth

Studio Session Vol 070: Joachim Spieth

Joachim Spieth is a long time DJ, producer and label boss of Affin. Whether through the music he produces himself, or the productions he releases on his own imprint, the sounds always operate in their own little pockets away from the norm. It all started with ‘Abi 99’ – one of the earliest 12”s Cologne stable Kompakt ever released. At […]