From 0-1 Studio Sessions Volume 111 – Komprezzor *Live*

From 0-1 Studio Sessions Volume 111 - Komprezzor *Live*


Komprezzor is not simply another gimmick or project trying to reach for the sky, fame or
mainstream, in the contrary he prefers to stay hidden in the darkest corner of that old abandoned
factory were you once wondered if you even had the guts to step in. The sounds and elements of
his live sets are dark and dirty as if they had been extracted from a piece of literature by Edgar
Alan Poe. Full of white noises and atmospheric riffs the percussive elements are extracted from
classic drum machines; such as the legendary 808, 909, and 303 that slowly morph in to a
hypnotic rhythm. Along with his live sets the Dj sets are also full of some of the dirtiest and darkest
heart pounding Techno, no top 40 will ever make an appearance on his track list, interacting with
up to 4 decks running at the same time and a few drum machines it will make you wonder if a
third arm was present at the time.

2016 has been a game changer for Komprezzor traveling with his modular set up the creativity
flows from beginning to end no presets or patters are preprogrammed before the machines are
turned on, in a way he is merely a medium or translator to the cry of the machines, multiple synth
voices and drum machines interlacing into a one of a kind sound creating and stitching each
element form scratch right on front of the audience eye’s, the result is a fully improvised Techno

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