From 0-1 Studio Sessions Volume 110 – Milkplant

From 0-1 Studio Sessions Volume 110 - Milkplant


US based artist, Milkplant (Justin William Pennell) is originally from Milwaukee,Wisconsin; but has lived in Oakland, California since 2010. He relocated to the West Coast in 2004, lived in Seattle for six years, and started the internationally recognized Techno label and artist collective, From 0-1; with fellow artist, Sone. Schooled in the Midwest and developed on the West Coast, his work encompasses over 30 years of combined DJ/production experience, and 9 years of record label operations.

In autumn 2014 he released ‘Time Dilation’, a four track 12″ EP on From 0-1. Charted by Gary Beck, Paul Mac, and Ben Sims at #2, #1, and #26 in their November 2014 Juno charts, this was a turning point for him. Since then he has released on Planet Rhythm, Wall Music, Dark Net, Etichetta Nera, From 0-1, and Excise. His productions have drawn critical acclaim from many notable artists; showing up in mixes and charts by Ben Sims, Cari Lekebusch, Jerome Sydenham, Bryan Zentz, Joachim Spieth, Tommy Four Seven, Submerge, Tadeo, Mattias Fridell, Mr. Jones, Electric Indigo, David Meiser, Samuli Kemppi, Arnaud Le Texier, Abstract Division, DJ T-1000, and many others.

As a DJ he can be found playing a combination of vinyl and CDJs. He has played in various cities across the US, most notably in Detroit at the Blank Code – Droid Interface/Scene party for Movement 2016. His mixes have been featured on Droid’s D-Node podcast, the Warsaw Torture Boyz podcast, Blank Code podcast, Drone podcast, and Error Sessions. Upcoming releases: “The Distance” 12” vinyl EP arrives autumn 2017 on San Francisco based label, Excise; his remix of Sone’s ‘Australis’ arrives on 12” vinyl late 2017 via From 0-1.

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1) Advanced Human – Wire (Sleaze)
2) Sone – Australis (From 0-1)
3) Marla Singer – Asymmetric Vision (Planet Rhythm)
4) Aiken – Dominance (Non series)
5) Sone – Australis [Milkplant remix] (From 0-1)
6) d_func. – Trial of the Black Witch Pt.1 (Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
7) Dolby D, Matt Mus – Badass (Driving Forces Recordings)
8) Phase – Submerged Metropolitan (Token)
9) Kyle Geiger – Silent Tantrum (Credo)
10) Juan Sanchez – In The Dark (FORMAT)
11) Ricardo Guarduno – 827715 [Pfirter remix] (Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
12) Hector Oaks – Ambiguous Relation (Quant)
13) Milkplant – Far Star (Excise)
14) Tadeo – The Big Step [Function remix] (Non series)
15) Andre Crom – The Existence [Oliver Deutschmann remix] (OFF Recordings)
16) Radial – Hormigon (Methodical)
17) Inland – Footstone (Counter)
18) Umbriel – Effect of Parallax (Dead Rose Records)
19) Alex Tomb & Marianne I – Probability 1 (Several Reasons Recordings)
20) Cabaret Voltaire – Other World (Plastex)