From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol 105 – Tunnel

From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol 105 - Tunnel



With an emphasis on unconventional sound design, Tunnel is best described as a sound sculptor working within the genre of techno and electronic music. His compositional forms combine elements of sub bass, broken rhythms, and melodic abstractions into a sonic tapestry that exists somewhere between fervor and seance, chaos and artistry. Tunnel is an outlier within the techno scene, exclusively performing his own original material and that of his ever-evolving electronic music label, Webuildmachines.

Tunnel launched his record label, Webuildmachines , in 2013. The label’s prolific output of releases have garnered high praise and charted recognition from big players within the techno and electronic music community – Paula Temple, Dave Clarke, Surgeon, Ben Sims, Tommy Four Seven, Drumcell, Electric Indigo, and Claude Young. Tunnel’s original track, “Nostalgia,” was featured on Richie Hawtin’s, Essential Mix – Los Angeles .

In recent months, Tunnel and the Webuildmachines label have focused their energy on launching an independent monthly techno showcase, NOISEFLOOR . The event series continues to grow, featuring the state of the art in techno and electronic music performance from local and independently-minded Chicago-based labels and producers.

Tunnel, as an artist and label curator, will continue to search for new sounds and structures, with a focus on pushing the music forward. Every Tunnel performance is an opportunity to participate in, and witness, the evolution of techno music.

“Through darkness, towards the light within.”



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