From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol 101 – Mary Yuzovskaya

From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol 101 - Mary Yuzovskaya


Born in Moscow and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Mary Yuzovskaya is a unique phenomenon in the scene. A ballerina with a classical background and a degree in piano performance, Mary has become a versatile electronic music DJ over a decade ago.

She graced the decks of all hotspots in the Russian club scene and moved to Berlin in 2009 where she eventually established her identity as an electronic music artist. In 2013, she traveled to New York and lives here until now, inspired by the city’s endless energy and music-friendly environment.

Mary has been traveling the world playing a variety of genres, from atmospheric and dub to energetic techno bombs. She is a natural-born DJ, mixing vinyl with style, grace and lightness.

She will be playing Tresor for a female:pressure event in January, 2016.


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1. Arnauld Le Texier “Chronic” Chronicle
2. Von Grall “Gajeree” Semantica
3. Synthek “The End” STK
4. Wata Igarashi “The Ritual” Bitta
5. Expander “Volta Forte” (Apart Remix) Soniculture
6. Tensal “Effect 1” Pole Group
7. Mr. Tophat “Medical Treatment” Northern Electronics
8. Gianluca Meloni “Anthemusa EP” (Dino Sabatini Remix) Outis Music
9. Alderaan “New World” Insula
10. Blawan “Marga” Ternesc
11. Stanislav Tolkachev “Stockholm Syndrome” Semantica
12. The Gods Planet “In the maze” The Gods Planet
13. Zadig “The 700 Steps Of Sleep” Reclame Your City
14. Vakula “Modulation 03” Arma