From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol 099 – Justin Schumacher

From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol 099 - Justin Schumacher


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by way of The Bronx, Justin Schumacher is a product of 90s hip hop and rave culture. After over a decade of hard work and dedication he has emerged as one of NYC’s most promising talents. His production work continues to gain notoriety in the global techno community with releases and remixes on labels such as Rawthentic Music, Unknown Territory, Ohn-Cet, Italo Business, Dystopian Rhythm, Illegal Alien and many many more. Justin Schumacher’s production work remains thought-provoking and intelligent, employing complex fills and slick programming with exceptional sonic construction while still remaining floor- focused and energetic. He applies this same passion and attention to detail in his dj sets which can span many different moods and grooves depending on the dancefloor he is working. His love for the music clearly shows when he performs, creating an instant connection with the crowd on the most primal and perennial level.

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01. War – Invisible (Djrum Remix)
02. CW/A – Bury The Hatchet
03. Clouds – In The Accursed Domain Of The Gatecrasher
04. Diagenetic Origin – The Awakening
05. Surgeon – BDF-3299
06. Cassegrain – Skull Gun
07. Xhei – Ectomorfo (Perc Remix)
08. Alex Falk – Antispinward
09. Stenny – Consumers Tool
10. Doka – Prder (TWR72 Remix)
11. Distale – Gmaajk
12. LPZ – Stargazer
13. TWR72 – X2 (Endlex Remix 1)
14. Berg Jaar – Nacr
15. Deapmash – Formal
16. Randomer, Cadans – Angry Fiddle
17. Blawan – Passer By
18. Emmanuel – Masa
19. Jon Convex – Anger Levels
20. Adventice – Chop Chop
21. WK7 – Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix)
22. Tafkamp – I Laf You
23. Myles Serge – Shapeshifting
24. Henning Baer – Fighting The Dogs

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