News: Milkplant Featured in Droid Behavior’s Podcast, D-NODE 264

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News: Milkplant Featured in Droid Behavior's Podcast, D-NODE 264


This week’s Droid Behavior podcast presents a mix from Milkplant. Check it out via Droid Behavior here.

The mix he’s provided for D-Node showcases a dark and aggressive sound.

1. Myler- Somewhere In London [Autofake]
2. Complicit- Drome 2 (Planeshifter Remix) [Eternal Drive Recordings]
3. Axkan- Any Day Now (Decibel Flekx Right Now Mix) [FORMAT RECORDINGS]
4. Milkplant & The Automatic Message- Colonies [From 0-1]
5. Clouds- Radical Cutting Methods [Overlee Assembly]
6. Jesse Jakob- Barrage (PfirterRemix) [Traut Muzik]
7. Reeko- Recharger [Perc Trax]
8. Milkplant- Spherical (Sone Remix) [From 0-1]
9. Developer- Volume 1.2 [Olympian]
10. Cleric- Blitz [Clergy]
11. UZB- Crome [Sleaze]
12. D-Func vs. DJ T-1000- Terminator (Diego Hostettler & Krenzlin Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
13. Nitzer Ebb- Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix) [Novamute]
14. Sharam & Youseff- Into The Groove [Prolekult]
15. Thomas Crome- Brain Sucking TV Screen [Loop Records]
16. Michael Burkat- B1 [Audio 22]
17. Pacou- Decay Tresor Records]
18. Charlton- Argibalt (Regis U-Viv Mix) [Labrynth]
19. Mike Gervais- Stumble [SYSTEM]
20. Garrett Dillon & Margin Walker- Detachment [Rheostatus]
21. Rommek- Thought Patterns (Adriana Lopez Remix) [Weekend Circuit]