Release 0.018: Converged Compilation

Release 0.018: Converged Compilation


Catalog: FR0-1 0.018
Release Date: 05/14/14

From 0-1′s Converged Compilation represents a careful selection of seven skilled American Techno producers, just in time to the kick off summer. Featuring old and new names, this compilation has a little something for everyone. We’ll spare you the prosaic nonsense, just enjoy the tunes. Thanks, as always, for your support of From 0-1.



Select Artist Feedback:

Slam- “nice tunes – will spin thanx”

Arnaud Le Texier- “Will try Corner Pocket! Thx”

Xhin- “Some good ones here. Thanks!”

Roberto Capuano- “very nice collection of tracks! i will support!”

Flug- “I will try some of this, thanks.”

Pig & Dan- “Millenium is awesome”

Danny Howells- “Some utterly solid jams on here .. will support.”

Roland M. Dill- “great va, will play millenium & corner pocket”

Solenoid/Dave Ellesmere- “andrei morant, virulent mike gervais and garret dillon …thanx”

Angel Molina- “nice collection of playable tech tracks, thanks.”

Samuli Kemppi- “Virulent’s track for me here. Will give a spin. Thanks!”

Sasha- “Bangers!”

Danny Tenaglia- “Thanks!!!”

Submerge- “Justin’s track does it for me. Thank you.”

Cleric- “Fragmentary is nice…cheers!”

Joachim Spieth- “2,4 & 6 !”

Adam X- “Will try out Poor Boy Rich in one of my deeper set moments.”

Audio Injection/Truncate- “Sick track from Mike G!”

Pinion/Bobby Dowell- “Solid release here. Have to say my favorites here are Millennium, Lost, and Corner Pocket.”

DJ Shiva- “So great to see US techno in such a healthy upswing. Some great cuts here. I think my fave has to be the twisted tweak of Justin Schumacher’s “Corner Pocket”, but all of these are solid as hell.”

Pierre Deutschmann- “good compilation, thx”

Spiros Kaloumenos- “cool package!”

Estroe- “I like ‘Lost’ the most, will try in my sets, thanks Corner Pocket is something different, very interesting, will play!”

Echologist/Brendon Moeller- “cool comp. solid all round.”

Mattias Fridell- “Andrei Morant delivers, as always”

Electric Indigo- “cool compilation! my favorite after first listening is 303 blues.”

Jamie Behan- “Virulent’s track is the standout for me”

Abi Bah- “great comp..dark”

Advanced Human- “Great VA release, many nice tracks here, especially the one by Mike Gervais, always been a big fan of his work. “

Tony Kasper- “Great compilation! While 303 Blues is a trippy journey, Andrei’s Millenium is distortion heaven. Virulent’s Empire definitely tells a story, good work. Mike’s track name says it all. Justin’s Corner Pocket will just be a bouncy, raw mess on that dancefloor. Garret’s Fragmentary maintains a solid structure with deep and dark undertones. Great work! Support!”

Craig McWhinney- “Nice one!”

Simon Garcia- “Gervais’ Lost… woohoo!”

John Templeton- “Really dig the concept and idea behind the release. Good stuff from top to bottom, but the Virulent and Mike Gervais tracks are definitely my favorites. They’re a little bit deeper and headier, but the overall release has a nice balance to it in terms of variety of techno. Well done”

Atie Horvat- “Thanks for the promo, wicked ep! full support!”

JAK- “Great selection of tunes here. Nice blend of headiness and dancefloor material. Millennium and Corner Pocket are my picks. Thanks!”

Margin Walker- “I’m always wary of comps but there’s not a clunker on here. Millenium has an awesome 90’s vibe and the Gervais track is nice and deep. I will play several of these.”

John Massey- “AWESOME COMP!! All tracks are on point! Well done!!”

The Automatic Message- “I’ll play all of these. Really good stuff here!”

Komprezzor- “Murica!! Loving every single track on this must play compilation, form Mike Gee to Unn every track is a kick in the nuts, that is there to stay !! Thanks for another great release Glad to be on your promo list!!”

Obstruct- “Amazing collection! All were really good, very hard to choose. Gotta support my boy Uun though. Keep up the good work!”

Complicit- “serious business throughout each of these tracks – let’s go American techno!”

Revy- “merica, fuck yeh. Mike Gervais – Lost is hittin the spot for me!”

DJ M-Traxxx- “DOPE!!! WILL DEF B ROCKING! ;-)”

Trench- “Having a real tough time choosing a favorite. This is such a solid release! Vinyl please!!!!!”

Jay Zoney- “Release nice package here guys. Also difficult to pick a single favorite. Gotta go with Justin’s track Corner Pocket. Crunchy goodness! Andrei a close 2nd. Many thanks”

Felix Lorusso- “support!”

Cyanwave- “Solid comp! really dig the the Andrei Morant and Mike Gervais tracks.”

Rachel Palmer- “(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”


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