Release 0.016: Sone – Broken Axis EP

Release 0.016: Sone - Broken Axis EP



Catalog: FR0-1 0.016
Release Date: 12/03/13

Sone is Seattle based DJ and Producer Brian Sonnleitner. His Broken Axis EP represents his first EP on From 0-1, the West Coast Techno label that he co-owns and operates with Oakland CA based artist, Milkplant. Sone is known for his deep, dark, driving, and spatial Techno. Additionally, remixers A. Trebor, Milkplant, and The Automatic Message join the fold.


Selected Artist Feedback:

Slam  “nice release – will road test this weekend – thanx guys”

Tadeo  “Good vibes inside Black Island.”

Dario Zenker  “black island!”

Speedy J   “Thanks, will test”

Bryan Zentz  “damn! hard to pick a fave all good!!! i want to mix broken axis w skinny puppy assimilate… great release. thanks guys :)”

Samuli Kemppi  “Broken Axis original and A. Trebor remix for me. Nice one!”

John Selway  “a. trebor remix and black island”

Joseph Capriati  “nice! will support asap. thanks!”

Joachim Spieth  “solid ep, not easy to choose the best one”

Vince Watson  “Black Island is the one…”

Pierre Deutschmann  “nice one, broken axis for me, thx”

Chris Liebing   “downloading thx”

Pascal Feos  “nice one, thx”

Danny Tenaglia  “Thanks”

Pig & Dan  “trebor remix is cool thanxs”

Arnaud Le Texier  “Nice will play some of them for sure! Thx”

NX1  “Nice one.”

Roberto   “A.Trebor remix for me”

Luigi Madonna  “Milkplant remix for me tnx”

Audio Injection/Truncate  “Nice ep! I like the simplicity in A. Trebors version and also liking Automatic Message remix thanks!”

Merino  “Black island is the one”

Raiz  “Trebor’s remix is nice and driving, will play”

DJ T-1000  “Tracks 2,3, and 4 do it for me! Will support in my podcasts and gigs!”

Davide Siri   “good ep, powerful and obscure techno tracks: the machinery domination! very good originals and stunning Automatic Message remix, !”

Reggy Van Oers  “nice Ep Originals my fav”

UZB / Unam Zetineb  “A.Trebor remix for me. thanks”

Ness  “A. Trebor remix for me! Thanks!”

Kerstin Eden  “Oh my godness!! I love you guys!”

Angel Molina ( SONAR / TRESOR )  “‘Broken Axis’ original sounds good, thanks.”

R.FM  “Love both Broken Axis versions!”

Limo  “Axis original and rmx thanks”

Luciano Esse  “Black ISland is my pick! But the whole EP is very good!!”

Gene Hoffmann  “Digging Broken Axis”

Mussen  “Broken Axis for me.”

Mike Gervais  “heavy stuff! luv the broken axis original”

Jerry Abstract  “Broken Axis (Original Mix)will be my next solid opener tune!”

Miki Craven   “Like all the EP, especially The automatic Message rmx. Support!”

Dean Paul  “love the funk in: Sone – Broken Axis (A. Trebor Remix)”

Project 313  “Solid release all around!”

Liss C.   “Black island original for me !”

Andrei Morant  “ATrebor mix for me, simple funky and bouncing. thank you!”

Daegon  “nice EP thank you”

Mutate  “good stuff, thanks!”

Toe  “Black Island my favorite”

Yasmin Gate   ““Broken Axis” is a bomb!”

Terminal 313   “Floor tracks with The Automatic Message remix doing the real damage.”

Marco Effe  “Great Remix from A.Trebor, this is my fav.”

Celestial Signal   “Nice tracks!! Black Island is what stands out for me!!”

Gabriele Gilleri / DIFFERENTGROOVES.COM  “Sone ‘Broken Axis’ [From 0-1] FR0-1 0.016 #sone #broken axis:″

Felix Lorusso  “good release! for me its the trebor remix!”

MaxMax2  “The Milkplant remix is a bomb”

Trench  “Absolutely sic EP. Hard to pick a favorite track as all are extremely tough, but Milkplant’s Black Island remix is completely killer!”

Josef Gaard  “Black Island and The Automatic Message remix are my favorites – solid package!”

Garrett Dillon   “Black Island (Original) is the winner for me. Super dark and will fit in my sets nicely.”

Margin Walker  “Black Island and the A. Trebor remix for me. Nice EP, might play the Milkplant remix too.”

John Massey  “Great release! All tracks are on point!!”

Complicit   “Sone delivers! Again! All remixes are very deep. Sexy.”

Revy  “great stuff. love the automess remix!”

Jack Coleman  “Really good pack. All the tracks are working for me but I’ve gotta give it up for the Milkplant mix. That’s some power!”

Cyanwave  “Slamming release! Dialed low end and tight rhythms are the signature Sone sound. Big support here!”

Josh Garrett   “Man, both versions of Black Island are the shizzow! Love the syncopated bass hits. Great group of tracks. Solid package all around.”

Si Moore  “these are fucking sick”

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