Release 0.015: The Automatic Message – Rye EP

Release 0.015: The Automatic Message - Rye EP


Catalog: FR0-1 0.015
Release Date: 07/18/13

Vancouver-based duo, The Automatic Message debut their Rye EP this July (2013) as their first full EP on Seattle/San Francisco-based, From 0-1.

On a steady and imminent rise, the A/V duo has made serious waves in the Techno world in the last several years, producing videos for CLR, and releasing vastly original music that continues to redefine what is possible within the confines of the genre.

The Rye EP begins with ‘Whiskey’, their most dance floor oriented track of the bunch, heading next to ‘December’, taking it deep and contemplative. Closing out the originals is ‘Before January’- an apocalyptic sonic assault. Prologue’s golden boy, Mike Parker is on for the ride with a mind-bending remix that could only be one of his own. From 0-1 co-owner, Sone remixes Before January and brings it even deeper and more throbbing than the original, while From 0-1 label director, Milkplant re-edits Whisky with a straight forward looping reinterpretation of the original.

Selected artist feedback:

Gary Beck– “love the Milkplant re edit”

Terence Fixmer– “Sone remix..!”

Drumcell– “solid record! good work guys”

Truncate/Audio Injection– “Really interesting originals, and good remixes thanks!”

Developer– “Sone remix!”

Tommy Four Seven– “December!”

Dave Ellesmere– “Nice deep and spacey EP”

Joachim Spieth– “big package & nice!! wow.”

Bryan Zentz– “yes! good to see some new stuff from The Automatic Message/From 0-1. Whiskey is rockin… digging December a lot thought too… thanks!”

Brendon Moeller– “December is huge. Whisky cool too”

Samuli Kemppi– “Nice one! Before January is my favorite, but also liking both versions of Whisky.”

Carlo Lio– “Whisky is dope!”

Danny Tenaglia– “Thanks!!!”

Dustin Zahn– “Feeling the Sone remix, Mike’s is nice too :)”

Mark EG– “This is REALLY INTERESTING!!!! :))))))))))”

Vince Watson– “Some interesting sounds to use on this”

DJ Three– “Mike Parker is one of my favorite techno producers.”

Pfirter– “Mike Parker remix for me, thanks.”

Kyle Geiger– “I think this is the first time in my life I can say that like Whisky. Thanks!”

Raiz– “always a fan of Parker’s work, nice remix!”

Alex Bau– “I like the whiskey. check!”

Gregor Tresher– “Whiskey, please!!”

DJ Hyperactive– “Mike Parker….!!”

Slam– “nice music – will try out thanx guys”

Kr!z– “Whiskey orig + Parker rmx for me. will try”

Mutate (Len Bartush)– “That’s the shit I like, nice and brutal!”

Project 313– “Nice release all around. Thanks!”

Jamie Stevens– “Milkplant re-edit for the big gigs”

Mike Humphries– “…definately a good listen. most njoyable. thxx 4 send”

Submerge– “December and Whisky MP remix”

UZB (Unam Zetineb)– “Mike parker & Sone remix for me, will play sure, thanks”

Kerstin Eden– “Whisky (Milkplant Re-edit) for me! Thx”

Felix Lorusso– “solid EP!”

Daegon– “The whole EP is slamming, but I really like December. Thank you!”

Mike Wall– “The Automatic Message – Whisky (Original Mix) & The Automatic Message – Whisky (Milkplant Re-edit ) for me.. will try it… great work..thank you”

Mike Gervais– “fuggin mental. luv that MP mix”

Frank Savio– “my fav´s are Whiskey (Mike Parker rmx), Before January (Sone rmx) & Whiskey (Milkplant re-edit), thanks!”

Memnok– “really liking December.. :)”

Craig McWhinney– “Parker remix is some seriously good shit.”

Merino– “Mike does it again!!”

Espen Lauritzen– “Mike Parker mix is outstanding!”

Ivan Smagghe– “MP mix”

Someone Else– “Whiskey and Before Jan (originals) are neat.”

Dubfire– “Thank you!!”

Pascal Feos– “will test some, thx”

JAK– “Whiskey for me!”

Jerry Abstract– “HOT DAYAM!”

Jeff Keenan– “Nice EP!”

Bobby Dowell– “All 3 originals are great. Great work here.”

John Massey– “Back with a vengeance-This release is nucking futs!! All tracks are great-hard to pick a favorite-probably one of my favorite From 0-1 releases to date-Well done!!”

Aaron Nesbit– “This is the first release I’ve heard in a long, long time where I love every single track. Seriously. ALL OF YOU KILLED IT.”

Revy– “ridiculous. probably one of the best techno releases I’ve heard so far this year!”

Cyanwave– “Amazing release from The Automatic Message! Love the originals and all the remixes.”

Complicit– “The Automatic Message delivers and they are an inspiration of sound. All of these tracks will find their way into our dj set.”

Dreek Sol– “Nice release, Sone remix is dope!”

JGarrett– “Nice package. The original mix of Whisky will definitely find a place in a set soon…”

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