Release 0.014: Milkplant – Initiate EP *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Release 0.014: Milkplant - Initiate EP *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Catalog: FR0-1 0.014
Release Date: 06/26/12

For our 14th release, label head Milkplant dug deep into his archive and found several tracks that were shelved sometime last decade. Dust blown off and edges polished, here they are for the taking. ‘Disco’ starts off the EP. A strange character, this piece showcases insectile clicks and trills, odd vocal snippets, filtered “horn  blasts” and improvised alien keys yielding one of the more unlikely tracks to come from the California based producer.  ‘Basic Flannel‘ is next; this obvious homage paints a dub techno picture with emotional fortitude and gusto, unlike the majority of the brand these days.  Heavy on the analog: distortion, filters, and channel strips.  The physicality of sound is abundantly clear in this track- play it loud in the wee hours.  And lastly, a rerelease of ‘Pantycontrol’, a c lassic stompy track originally released on vinyl several years ago.  We wanted another ‘go ’round’ with this one for good measure.  Enjoy, and as always thank you for the continued support.

Supported and currently played by:

DJ T-1000, Truncate, Slam, Bryan Zentz, Raiz, Bobby Dowell, Joe Stawarz, Jeff Keenan, John Massey, Sone, The Automatic Message, Cyanwave, Complicit, JAK, DJ Pauze, Dreek Sol, Aaron Nesbit, DJ M-Traxxx



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